Monday, April 18, 2011

The Arlington Triangle

Yesterday, I went on a 16.29 mile bike ride with a friend around the Arlington Triangle. This is a loop around Arlington that goes rough an interconnection of four separate trails, including some great views of the monuments while riding along the Potomac. Turns out Arlington is not just a great place for walking, but for biking too.

You can see a detailed map of our route, including our ride times here.

In addition to biking, I have also done quite a bit of running and swimming over the past few weeks. After having so much success with my weight loss, I figured the next logical step is to start focusing on my fitness. Stay tuned for more on this.

P.S. - This post was entirely written and formatted on my iPad using a new Blogsy app. I hope to share some thoughts on this soon.


thinking said...

Good for you on the biking, running, and swimming! No doubt you find it makes a huge difference in terms of how you feel!

Brian Hollar said...

Starting off with a C25K app for my iPhone -- turns you from a couch potato into a 5k runner in nine weeks. I'm currently in the middle of week five.

Had a friend who tried telling me of the benefits of running years ago. Should have listened to him. :)

thinking said...

Congrats...let us all know when you run your 5K!