Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Daily Dozen

  1. Have we reached a tipping point? E-book sales top paperbacks for first time in February.
  2. How to spend your way to happiness -- part 1 and part 2. Some of the takeaways include 1) buying fewer material goods and more experiences; 2) use money to help others; and 3) buy fewer expensive pleasures and more frequent, less expensive ones.
  3. Why some of us get more done in coffee shops.
  4. How to add years to your life? Develop a positive attitude about aging. It also helps to act like you are younger than you are. Looks like shopping daily might help too.
  5. Human capital follows the thermometer.
  6. 75 things worth watching on Netflix streaming.
  7. Randomization is a dilemma to managed rather than a problem to be solved.
  8. Computing research that has changed the world.
  9. Women won't marry down: So Kay Hymowitz asserts. "...[T]he biggest reason we probably won't see a lot more college-educated women walking down the aisle with their plumber is one we don't like to say out loud: they want to have smart kids. Educated men and women are drawn to spouses they think will help them produce the children likely to thrive in the contemporary knowledge-based economy. That means high IQ, ambitious, and organized kids who will do their homework and take a lot of AP courses." As she points out, this serves to increase inequality. My guess is that it is a far more important driver of inequality than any government policy or lack thereof.
  10. How worrisome is student debt?
  11. Regulatory monopolies and interior designers. How long until lawyers face deregulation scrutiny?
  12. A timeline of Holy Week:
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