Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My Initial Reactions to Apple's Latest Announcements

Apple released new iPods and updated iTunes today. I'm busy preparing for my Criminal Procedure class, but here are a few brief thoughts.

I'm disappointed not to see the new iPod Touches include digital cameras or microphones. I can guess Apple is afraid this would affect iPhone sales and decided against it. The good news is that they are now faster (I'm guessing the same speed as the iPhone GS?) and you can now get them with up to 64 GB capacity. That's 4 GB more than my hard drive based iPod.

I am impressed by the improvements to the iPod Nano -- adding a video camera, pedometer, voice recording, FM tuner, a microphone, speaker, and larger screen. Some very nice improvements! With a $30 difference between the 8 GB ($149) and 16 GB models ($179), I think it would make sense for most to get the higher-end version. What surprises me is no mention of the ability to take still photos and no mention of stills in the tech specs. Did I miss that somewhere?

The iPhone/iPod Touch operating system also got an update, as did iTunes -- including better App management in iTunes. Apple also took aim at the handheld video game market. Nintendo and Sony better look out!

Disappointingly, there was no mention of an Apple Tablet. Hopefully, this will come soon.

Okay, got that out of my system. Now back to reading case law...

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thinking said...

Apple's pattern is to make iPod announcements in the fall, and release the newest version of the iPhone in early Summer.

I think if/when Apple announces a tablet, it will be it's own separate event, and it will be a big one, kind of like the first iPhone announcement, which occurred in the month of January.

My own prediction is that Apple does not want to announce before the upcoming holiday season...they want to get their current line up perfected, and then focus on delivery during this crucial shopping season.

It's too much to make such a new release before the holidays, even though it would seem logical to capitalize on the buying season.

I would then expect the big announcement in January...