Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Apple Slashes Prices of iPods Ahead of Today's Event

In anticipation of the almost certain introduction of new iPods today, Apple has dropped prices on existing iPod models:
The 8GB iPod touch now costs $189, a $40 discount, while the 16GB model is now $249, a $50 reduction. However, big savings are to be had for the 32GB model, now $279, a whopping $120 price cut. Other iPods saw cuts, too. The 8GB iPod nano has dropped to $129, down from $149, and the 16GB model is now $149, previously $199. The iPod Classic, rumored to be phased out today, is now $229, down from $249.
I'd hold off getting any of these until after the big announcement today. There's a good chance a 64GB iPod Touch with built-in camera will be introduced today.

The event starts at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST. Here is a roundup of rumors about today's event and you can follow it via liveblogging here and here. Sadly, it increasingly looks like no tablet will be announced today. I hope that's wrong.

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