Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Profile of GMU's Law School

A detailed profile of George Mason University's School of Law:
George Mason University School of Law, located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Arlington Virginia, has plenty to offer its students. Between its increasingly strong regional reputation, fantastic career prospects, and incredibly low tuition, the school deserves an inquiry from any student who doesn’t mind a conservative reputation and limited national mobility.

GMU is known to have a strong focus on research and legal writing, as well as technical methods. The law school is renowned for its expertise in Law and Economics, offering both a joint degree and an LLM with such a focus. The school also offers students the opportunity to compliment their study with programs run by the Center for Law and Economics. The university has an excellent economics department, including two Economics Nobel Laureates as professors. As an epicenter (along with the University of Chicago Law School) for law and economics, George Mason is a hotspot for educating judges and academics about the interrelationship between economic principles and legal doctrine. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once called the Center’s programs “[M]ore intense than the Florida sun.”

In addition to the Law and Economics program is the National Center for Technology and Law, programs of which would be a nice compliment to the school’s many course offerings in Intellectual Property Law. George Mason Law School benefits from the United States Patent and Trademark Office also being in Arlington.

...the low tuition, combined with the strong career prospects and regional reputation, undoubtedly make GMU a steal. This is especially true for students interested in the intersection of economics and law.

Quick Reference:

U.S. News Ranking: 34th
LSAT Median: 164
GPA Median: 3.60
Multiple LSAT scores: Higher score accepted.
Application Deadlines: 12/15 (Early admissions) 04/01 (Regular)
Application fee: $35
Entering class size: 12/15 (Early admissions) 04/01 (Regular)
Yearly Tuition: $15,274 (In-state) $26,502 (Out-of-state)
Bar passage rate in Virginia: 77.1%
Percent of graduates employed 9 months after graduation: 99.5%
Median private sector salary: $101,250
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Read more about GMU's Intellectual Property and Law and Economics programs, including information on the National Center for Technology and Law and the Law and Economics Center.

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