Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Want To Be A Happy Lawyer? Go To UVA!

UVA Class of 1990: 86% Satisfied With Life, Median Income = $250k

The median household income for the class of 1990 is now $250,000 per year. The bottom 25% of the class has a household income of $150,000 per year or less while the top 25% has household income of $450,000 per year or more. Of the 260 responding graduates, 15 have a household income of $1 million or more per year. ...

Overall job satisfaction is high: 81% of graduates are satisfied with the decision to become a lawyer, 85% percent are satisfied with how well the Law School prepared them, and 93% are satisfied with how UVA benefitted their careers.

Overall life satisfaction is high: 86% of graduates are at least satisfied with their lives, with no significant gender difference, despite differences in average salary.

87% of the men and 79% of the women are currently married or partnered. Of the married female graduates, 77% have husbands who work fulltime. Of the married male graduates, 24% have wives who work fulltime. Among men and women with no children, 97% were employed fulltime. While that number remained fairly constant for the men, regardless of the number of children they had, it was not the same for women graduates. After one child, 70% of women remained employed fulltime. After two children, 66% remained employed fulltime. That number falls to 20% among women with three children, and none of the women with four or more children remained employed fulltime. Monahan found that 99% of the responding men are currently employed fulltime, as are 61% of the women.

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