Sunday, December 23, 2007

Prayers for Children With Cancer

I mentioned a few days ago about the tragic passing of 9-year-old Ellie Skees after her fight with cancer.  Ellie's mom just wrote a post asking for prayers for other children with terminal illness and their families:

I can't believe that I forgot one very important group of people when asking for prayer the other night! All of the other children with NB and their parents. I so remember the pain and terror of learning of another child's death. Please pray for these parents as they grapple with the possibility of losing their own child. And also for the children as it can be so scary and confusing to be in the middle of their own life-and-death fight and hear of another child losing the battle. There are so many families, but some specific names come to mind right now: a little girl (with a different serious cancer, who was such a good friend to Ellie) named Lia who will likely lose her fight; a little boy named Zachary who has just relapsed; and Courtney, John, Carson, Talia, Dylan, Eli and Jack. Thank you for praying for them as well!

Please pray for all of these children and their families.  They are suffering through something most of us will probably never fully understand.


danielle said...

Dear Lord,
I trust You and I beleive Your Love is unlimited...We need to be strong, we need that Your Love fulfill our heart so we can accept our illness. I pray for every person sick and in a special way kids with cancer and for their families, I also pray for Elie, 8 years old, brain cancer. Elie will begin chimio and radio on the second of feb. 2009 .
O Lord be with us in every moment.
We need Your Help.

arooker said...

Dear Danielle,
I have an 11 year old nephew with brain cancer, he will start chemo and radiation tomorrow and he is nervous. I cannot find the words to comfort him and his parents. Any words of wisdom?
Is Elie ok now?
God bless you and your family.