Sunday, December 23, 2007

Donating Bone Marrow: Our First Conversation

The recent news about Ellie Skees got me thinking about others who have life-threatening illnesses, reminding me of the woman I donated bone marrow to last year. I have had her phone number for awhile now and decided to finally give her a call this afternoon. We had a wonderful conversation and I can't describe how elated I feel after talking with her. It was our first time actually speaking to one another.

Almost two years after the transplant, she continues to do extremely well and we both feel incredibly blessed by how our lives have touched one another. She said she feels like she now has the body of a 35-year-old (she is 68). One interesting side-effect of the transplant is that it sounds like her hair changed to the color of mine.

Please say a prayer for the continued health of this amazing lady. Her attitude and energy remind me a lot of my Aunt Ruth.

This phone call may end up being the best Christmas gift I receive this year.

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