Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No Touch Monkey!

I was at Borders today getting some last minute books for my Alaskan adventure and saw this book. It made me laugh...

Makes me wonder how much in this I can relate to? Here's a list of just a few of my various misadventures:
  • Getting locked in a bathroom in my hotel room in Japan in the middle of the night -- had to yell for help for about 30 minutes, hoping someone who spoke English could hear me.
  • Getting stuck in the mud in the middle of the Panamanian jungle and then using a condemned outhouse at an Indian village (I should have gotten a hint when an Indian boy ran to get a crowbar to open the door for me).
  • Missing the last bus going from Waitomo to Auckland in New Zealand right before my flight to Sydney.
  • Accidentally hiking with three Yakuza (Japanese mafia) down a mountain on Miyajima Island, just outside of Hiroshima.
  • Arriving in an abandoned train station after midnight in Belgium with no Belgian money and a non-working phone card.
  • Not having a care in the world when a 35-ton whale swam directly under my kayak in Antarctica.
  • Running full-speed into a glass door at my hotel in Kobe, just like a bird flying into a window. (The automatic door didn't open as fast as I thought it would.) My nose-mark was on the door for days afterwards...
  • Getting charged by an elephant while riding a bus in Namibia.
  • Nearly spending my last bit of yen while sight-seeing in Nagasaki -- ended up back at my in Kobe with less than a dollar in my pocket and no ATM in sight.
  • Flying to Moldova and not realizing I was about to head into a communist country until making my last connection in Frankfurt.
My list goes on and on...

Something tells me I ought to pack this book every time I travel. On the other hand, this one might be even more handy.


Chuck said...

Holy cow, I don't think I want to travel with you, No offence.

Ali Hasanain said...

Heck, I'd love to travel with you!!!

You were at Borders today? In Fairfax? I was there for about five hours. Wish I'd run into you.

thought said...

You are the perfect contestant for the Amazing Race...find a good travel partner and you can win a million bucks!