Wednesday, December 16, 2009


wi_fry McDonald’s to begin offering free Wi-Fi nationwide in January:

McDonald's doesn't want you to just grab your grease bombs and go—they want you to stick around, have a coffee drink, and surf the web from your laptop or smartphone. That's why they're offering up free Wi-Fi, which previously cost $2.95 for two hours, at 11,000 of its 14,000 U.S. locations, starting in mid-January. The service comes through AT&T, and looks to be an escalation of the iconic burger chain's attempt to lure some latte-and-laptops business away from Starbucks. That said, the messy use of both fries and keyboards will likely remain a challenge. [ viaMashable]

Sounds great to me – especially for road trips.  Expect to see other fast food chains like Burger King and Wendy’s soon follow.  (Just like Borders followed Barnes and Noble.)

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SF said...

One of our local Wendy's has wi-fi, and I've gone there several times recently with my young son sleeping in his car seat. Drive through lunch, park close to the restaurant, and surf from the mini-van without waking him.