Thursday, October 01, 2009

Free Wi-Fi Now At Borders

Following in the footsteps of Barnes and Noble, Borders is now offering free wi-fi too:
Popular bookseller Barnes & Noble teamed with AT&T to offer free Wi-Fi earlier this summer, and—not to be outdone—the other popular bookseller Borders today announced that they'll be joining forces with the other huge telecom company Verizon to offer free Wi-Fi to all of their customers. Free Wi-Fi party at Borders! Photo by doortoriver.

[Borders Signs Agreement with Verizon to Offer Free Wi-Fi via Consumerist]


Ali Hasanain said...

It's supposed to start mid-October. Let's plan on going...

Brian Hollar said...

Actually, I just was at the Borders in Fairfax yesterday and it's already up and running. And yes, we do need to go.