Saturday, November 14, 2009

Japan: Top Official Speaks Out Against Christianity and Islam

This is surprising:
TOKYO – Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa, a top politician in Japan’s ruling Democratic Party, spoke out in favor of Buddhism while calling Christianity “exclusive and self-righteous” and labeling Islam as only somewhat better, Reuters reported on November 11. The Secretary General made the remarks while meeting with the head of the Japan Buddhist Federation, a group traditionally close to the rival Liberal Democratic Party. Religious organizations can pack clout in Japanese politics because of their ability to mobilize voters, but politicians tend to shun public remarks about people’s beliefs.

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Billy Oblivion said...

What is?

That someone from Japan would take a shot a 外人[1]?

That a practitioner of one of the top three religions (on a "number of followers basis) would take shots at the other two?

Or that some idiot politician thinks that Christianity is worse than Islam?

Most "Mainland" (read Asian continent) Buddhists would probably disagree as Moslems have been been killing Buddhists and to a lesser extent Christians all over Asia, Europe and Africa since about 10 minutes after Mohammad had his first "vision" or whatever.

But Japan is, of course, not attached to the Mainland, and has been spared the ravages of Islam that effected Burma, India, Thailand and Cambodia over the last 1400 years.

Japan HAS had long experience with Christian Missionaries, and they are more annoying to Buddhists than Moslems because Moslems don't try as hard to convert them. Christians go On and On and On and On.

Moslems offer once, then cut off your head.

[1] Gaijin. And no, I don't write in Japanese, but I can cut and paste with the worst of them.