Saturday, November 14, 2009

Apple Becoming the World's Most Valuable Computing Company?

Apple's market capitalization is rapidly closing in on Microsoft's:
Remember when Apple was on death's door and needed an investment from Microsoft to survive? Well, a lot's changed since then.

In May 2000, Apple's market capitalization was $17 billion. Today it's $182 billion. Meanwhile, Microsoft was around $356 billion in May 2000. Today it's around $261 billion.

How much longer until Apple becomes the most valuable computing company in the world?


thinking said...

One could argue that Apple is already the World's most valuable computing company, in terms of influencing the future.

I cannot think of any company that comes close to influencing consumer technology as much as Apple.

Microsoft has been trying to copy OS X for years now. The iPhone has created this explosion of touch screen smartphones and has changed the cell phone industry forever. The iPod and iTunes ecosystem has changed the music industry forever.

Just think about that: Apple is driving forward 3 major technology markets: personal computers, cell phones, and music/video.

If Apple releases a tablet style computer, you can bet it will revolutionize the market.

Shawn said...

...if they ever get around to hiring me at the clarendon store, I'm sure I'll put them over the top. ;)