Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows 7 Released Yesterday

Yesterday was launch day for Microsoft's Windows 7. Gizmodo has a round-up of 27 takes on Windows 7. For the most part, they seem to be positive and that Windows 7 is a fresh relief for people who don't like Vista. Walt Mossberg and David Pogue both like it. Wired says it's Microsoft's best Windows yet. Lifehacker has a complete guide for Windows 7. Gizmodo has a full review. I plan to get the student upgrade for only $29 and see how I like it.

Of course, Apple isn't staying silent and has responded with three clever ads. (Broken Promises, Teeter Tottering & PC News) I particularly like the first one.

In other related news, it looks like Microsoft is just starting to open Microsoft Stores which look strangely like the Apple Store. With the great diversity of hardware making it impossible difficult for store employees to be familiar with all the possible systems, I wonder how well this concept will work? I dunno, but I do wish them well. If this type of store takes off, it will put competitive pressure on the Apple Store -- forcing both to improve. That translates into something good for you and me.

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