Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Barnes & Noble "Major Event" Next Tuesday

Barnes and Noble just sent out invites to a "major event in our company's history." So, uh, three guesses as to what they're launching. (Hint: It's a reader.) We'll be there, bringing it to you live.
I'm hoping for good things.


thinking said...

2 things:
1) It needs to have wireless downloading.

2) They need to show it and sell it at their brick and mortar stores.

I think they will fulfill both of those items.

Shawn said...

hasn't it already been established that it's the plastic logic reader?

Brian Hollar said...

Thinking, agreed on both points!

Shawn, it is already established that: a) B&N is partnering with Plastic Logic, and b) B&N is coming out with their own reader. What's not certain is which is being announced on Tuesday.

I'm hoping that a) it will be a large-screened "Kindle-killer" that also reads PDFs, and b) that Amazon quickly strikes back. Even better would be if the B&N rumors combine and that it is the Plastic Logic reader with Android. What would be even better is if B&N steals a play from Apple and starts displaying them in stores the day of the announcement.

Billy Oblivion said...

Mr. Hollar:

You are aware that the large format Kindle (DX) reads PDFs, right?

The biggest "killer" would be if the B&N store used an open/DRMless format.

Clint D said...

...and if they gave them away for FREE! Oh, sorry, got caught up in the moment...