Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Church Going Guys Don't Have It That Bad With Women

The Man Who Is Thursday:
For all the complaints I have made about the bad dating advice, grotesque naivete about female sexuality and indifference to the plight of single men you will find in the contemporary church, I have to admit that guys in my situation are in fact in a lot of way a lot better off than their secular counterparts. These are the reasons:

1. The effects of female hypergamy are much muted.
2. There are more girls in church than guys.
3. Church girls are more likely to be virgins (or at least have low numbers of partners).
4. Church girls have been prescreened for good character.
5. Conservative churches will still shame women for infidelity and divorce (usually).

In short, church going guys have better dating chances than secular guys, and when they do find someone they want to marry, they are more likely to have a successful marriage.
Read the whole thing.

As a churchgoing single guy myself, why do I feel simultaneously hopeful and without excuse?

(HT Robin Hanson via Tyler Cowen)

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l4k said...

According to the article you must have zero game.

Btw, why did you stop posting The Daily Dozen? It was always one of my favorite morning reads.