Friday, September 18, 2009

Magic Wand Remote Conjures Channel Changes

High-tech hocus pocus!
We can’t decide which is better: The buttonless Kymera Magic Wand universal remote, or the wonderful website which accompanies it. The pages look like pages from an epic, ancient tome, complete with hand-drawn illustrations and crinkly, yellowing paper.

The wand itself is a simple stick, containing the hair of a unicorn’s mane. Wait, no. It’s a stick containing an LED. In practice mode, you can try out any of the 13 gestures and the light will flash a coded pattern to let you know which one. When you are ready to do some serious magic (change channels), the wand learns simply by performing a gesture and beaming a boring, modern-day remote at its tip. Change channel by flipping left or right, for example, or increase the volume with a quick clockwise twirl.

A wonderfully whimsical device, the 14-inch wand will be available on October 1st for £50, or $83, batteries included.

Product page [The Wand Company]

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