Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Google Partners With Coolerbooks to Enter the eBook Game Directly

James Kendrick:
Google has been skirting around the e-book world for years, starting with the book scanning project a while back. That project was not without controversy, and its fruits recently formed a partnership with Sony to provide a million books to the Sony e-book store. Now comes word that Google has partnered with British e-book retailer COOLERBOOKS to enter the game directly.

COOLERBOOKS is the online store for British company Interead, and they already have a line of e-book readers for $249. The partnership gives Google a ready market, particularly outside the U.S. The COOL-ER reader looks to be a decent device, and according to the web site over 750,000 titles are available on the COOLERBOOKS site. Owners of the reader get a 25% discount on e-book purchases.

Google has the clout to give Amazon and Barnes & Noble a run for their e-book money. Game on.

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