Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rose Friedman Has Died

Rose Friedman, wife and collaborator of Milton Friedman, passed away today from heart failure. Her actual birthdate is uncertain, but she is believed to be 98.

She will be remembered both as a talented economist and an influential advocate of freedom. Her economic work helped to discredit the idea of government management of the economy, rolling back policies that were hindering wealth creation and thus helping extend the blessings of prosperity to millions around the world. And as a standard-bearer for human liberty, she contributed to the galvanizing of public opinion – especially in the 1980s – against the growing encroachments of intrusive government.....

Her most important contribution was the 1980 book Free to Choose, which she co-wrote with her husband, and the accompanying ten-part PBS series. Both were highly successful – the book topped the bestseller list for five weeks – and had a profound impact on the public understanding of freedom. At a time when the nation's confidence in its founding ideas was at an all-time low, Free to Choose played a decisive role in restoring America's faith in liberty.

Brian Doherty pays his respects.

Rose was co-author with Milton Friedman of the book Free to Choose, one of the first economics books I ever read and the book I give the most credit to for getting me interested in economics. I owe a great deal to both her and to Milton for my philosophical and intellectual development. They will both be missed.

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