Sunday, August 30, 2009

Depression Among Law Students

Reading from my Professional Responsibility casebook today:
"[O]ne study of depression among law students (a study of students in Arizona), showed that 32 percent were depressed by the end of the first year, 40 percent were depressed by the end of the third year, and 17 percent were depressed two years after graduation."
From p. 61 of Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law, 2nd Ed. by Lisa G. Lerman and Philip G. Schrag -- referencing G. Andrew H. Benjamin, Elaine J. Darling & Bruce Sales, The Prevalence of Depression, Alcohol Abuse, and Cocaine Abuse Among United States Lawyers, 13 Intl. J.L. & Psych. 233, 234 (1990).

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Nita said...

Yup...its because of the damn grades.