Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Possessions Would You Take in the Trunk of Your Car?

Leo Babauta asks:
Could you simplify your possessions to fit in the trunk of a car? Which ones would you take?
This is an interesting question and one I think about every time I move or travel. (For the record, I'm in the middle of a move to a new studio apartment and am out in Santa Fe for a month, living on only what I could fit into my carry-on luggage.)

If I had to fit everything in a car trunk, I'd abandon all my furniture, many of my clothes, my external computer monitor, etc. Here's a shortlist of what I would keep:
  • My laptop, netbook, and external hard drive(s).
  • My Kindle and MP3 player.
  • A small box of souvenirs I've picked up from my travels around the world, plus a couple of sentimental items.
  • My travel pack full of my favorite clothes. (Mostly what I've brought to Santa Fe plus a few additional items, such as a navy blazer.)
  • A box or two of my favorite books and a list of my all the books in my current library.
  • My Leatherman, my grandpa's tape measure, and maybe a couple other small tools.
  • A few choice files and documents.
  • My cell phone.
  • My camera gear.
  • My therma-rest and maybe my tent and a few other pieces of camping gear.
  • My messenger bag and Day Pack.
That's probably about it. I'm sure I may be forgetting something and would certainly miss a few things, but probably not as much as I might think. This is a fun thought exercise to think about what you most value and why.

How about you? What would you keep if you were limited to only what could fit in the trunk of your car?

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SF said...

Huh. I mean, I take my laptop, external hard drive, digital recorder, and most of the musical instruments for sure. That's probably most of the trunk right there.

My books are a huge issue, because I have far too many to fit in there (even if I dumped everything else) and I'd be really loath to part with many of them.

Other than that -- er, the two pocket watches. My great-great-grandfather's handwritten tune book. Not much else is coming to mind. I have a hell of a lot of possessions I would part with without much in the way of regrets...