Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Henderson's hierarchy of blogging.
  2. Technology and healthcare. "Technology does bring costs down. What percent of his income did your grandfather spend on computers? I bet it was zero. Technology brings down the cost and price of health care too. How many hip replacements were done in 1950? None. So the price of a hip replacement was effectively infinity. It's much lower now."
  3. Why supply and demand are hard to measure.
  4. Amazon plus Synergy = Kindle.
  5. Why do moms have higher unemployment rates than dads?
  6. Hewlett-Packard is building an eBook reader?
  7. Babel's Dawn: A blog about the origin of language. (HT Seth Roberts)
  8. Sex differences and variation in personality. "When men are confronted with challenging situations, they typically produce adrenaline, which is what causes them to run around, hollering like frat boys at a kegger. An adrenaline rush is a good feeling, but when confronted with the same situation, women produce a different chemical, called acetylcholine. Pretty much what (acetylcholine) does is it makes you want to vomit."
  9. For Jim Collins, no question is too big?
  10. 6 ways to keep the simple from getting complex.
  11. Eco-Comics: The economics inside comic books. (HT Tyler Cowen)
  12. If you're a student and buy a Mac, they will throw in a free iPod Touch (and a free printer). I discovered this yesterday when I stopped by the Apple Store after work.

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