Wednesday, March 04, 2009

iPhone Kindle App Syncs Reading Location Across Devices

I mentioned earlier today that it would be cool if Amazon would develop software that syncs your reading location across several devices. When it comes to their new iPhone app, it looks like Amazon is one step ahead of me:
[B]ig news today as Amazon has released a Kindle application for the iPhone. It is, well, kind of mindblowing. I downloaded the app, signed into my Amazon account, and every book I purchased on my Kindle was instantly available to me on my iPhone. Better yet, I navigated to the book I'm currently reading and it picked up to the exact page where I had left off on my Kindle!! Wow. Wow wow. My apologies to SF Muni employees, who are probably still finding pieces of my exploded head.

Of course, I don't find iPhones particularly easy to read on for long stretches, so I'm still glad I have a Kindle and its e-ink screen, but this will be awesome in a pinch. The main drawback is that they don't have direct shopping through the App and you have to buy books either through your Kindle or on the Internet.
James Kendrick also tested it out and thinks "it rocks!" I suspect this will help boost both sales of Kindles and iPhones and is a win-win for both Amazon and Apple. (As an existing Kindle owner, this certainly makes the iPhone more appealing to me.)

Read more of Kendricks thoughts and watch this video review:

Here is my post from last month about reading Kindle books on iPhones.

P.S. -- A good question is whether or not this will kill every other iPhone reading App? Another question is if this will help incentivize Apple to come out with a larger version (9" perhaps?) of the iPod Touch?

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