Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Turn your iPhone into a Kindle. Amazon releases a free app that lets you buy Kindle books for your iPhone. If you also have a Kindle, you can access your entire library. It will only be a matter of time before Amazon releases this software for other devices as well -- for comptuers (including netbooks), smartphones, and other eReaders? For a while now, I've thought Amazon had it's greatest strength in content provision, not hardware manufacturing. Looks like they are going to start leveraging this strength. What will be particularly nice is if they create software that syncs where you left off your reading when you move from one device ot the next. I'm sure that's coming soon.
  2. Todd Zywicki talks with Russ Roberts on debt and bankruptcy.
  3. Recession vacations: do more with less.
  4. How to set-up a super-office with 6 monitors and more.
  5. Tom Hazlett on the switchoff of analog TV.
  6. Surprise, surprise; PC sales expected to drop in 2009. Who knew?
  7. What happens to relationships when men lose their traditional bread winner role?
  8. How to be Jason Bourne: Multiple passports, Swiss banking, and crossing borders.
  9. ESV Study Bible Online: Free for the month of March.
  10. The difference between CMOS and CCD sensors in digital cameras.
  11. No tenure? No problem.
  12. Japan's crisis of the mind. "Washington may see Japan, the world’s second-largest economy, as a powerful nation, but the Japanese don’t see themselves in the same light." Having worked closely with the Japanese for six years, I agree.

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