Saturday, February 07, 2009

Details on Kindle 2.0 Leaked?

Boy Genius has the details:
Looks like those Kindle 2 photos we published back in October were spot on. Additional official-looking photos of the Kindle 2 have emerged and the new e-reader from Amazon looks sweet! If the pencil comparison is accurate, then the new Kindle appears to shed much of its width, coming in as thin as the Sony PRS-505 reader, and little bit longer than both the original Kindle and the Sony Reader. As we reported earlier, the Kindle 2 also appears to have a metal back with built-in speakers. Start putting those pennies aside as the Kindle 2 is expected to hit Amazon on the 24th of February for $359, the same price as the current Kindle. No apparent price increase, yay! This is still all unconfirmed but the information seems to jive with previous rumors and the source of the leak, MobileRead, is well-known in the e-book world. We will all get the skinny on this reader and its features on Monday, until then enjoy the photos after the jump.
See more photos here.

While I still like the look of the Sony a bit better, I like the capabilities of the Kindle much, much more. (Particularly being able to buy books over the airwaves.) Slimming down the Kindle and reducing the button sizes brings it a little closer to the Sony in terms of design. While I wish it looked a little different, I will be sorely tempted to buy one of these if this is, in fact, the new design.

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thinking said...

This is a significant improvement in design and one that will sell very well.

It looks like Amazon will be able to construct a nice marketing campaign playing off of the thinness of this device.

It's wise to keep the price the same...that's often what Apple has done...release a new better product at the same price...I don't think in this economy that Amazon could get away with raising the price.