Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canon Announces a Whole New Line of Point-and-Shoots

Canon unleashes a whole new line of point-and-shoot cameras. As I've written before, I strongly recommend Canon cameras for point-and-shoot and Nikon for DSLR. (Ken Rockwell agrees with me.)

Shown above is the new Canon SX200 which has a 12x zoom, 28 mm wide-angle lens with image stabilization. This looks very nice and very compact, possibly pocketable. If so, it may come close to being my ultimate travel camera.

Canon also announced the new D10 water, shock, and freeze-proof camera. Gizmodo calls it the "lovechild of a submarine and Bondi blue iMac." You can see what I mean below.

I bought a waterproof digital camera for when I went kayaking in Antarctica and was able to get some shots with it that I never would have with a normal camera. It was money well spent.

(A photo I took of my group kayaking with whales in Antarctica. One of the most incredible experiences of my life.)

Other new cameras include the Canon SX1 20x Superzoom and a whole new slew of Digital Elph pocket cameras. (I used a predecessor of the SX1 as my main camera in Antarctica and have owned two Elphs. I sold one and carry the other with me every day.) Canon cameras have been my constant companions on many a trip all over the world. When it comes to point-and-shoots, I wouldn't trust any other brand.

All in all, these look like some great cameras. I am particularly please to see Canon finally come out with a waterproof camera and am intrigued by the seemingly pocketable 12x zoom. I'll have to wait until they come to Circuit City Best Buy and read a few reviews to see what I think. I wonder how long it will be before they come out with the G11?

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