Monday, July 21, 2008

Kayaking In Antarctica

I just came across this post about a team who spent five weeks kayaking in Antarctica. The name of the team is Ocean 8 who have now kayaked on all seven continents plus Oceania.

Seeing these two photos and reading about their adventures brought back a lot of memories of my own week of kayaking in Antarctica in 2005. One of the highlights of my trip was having two whales come up to our kayaks and hang out with us for about 10-minutes before swimming away. They got within ~ 20 feet of our kayaks and it was an indescribable thrill having a 35-ton animal swim under you. People asked me after I got back and relayed the story if I was scared that they would tip me. Honestly, I was so in awe of the experience, the thought never even crossed my mind. I would so love to go back. Below are a few photos from my trip.




Picture 643
(That's me in the front.)

Another neat experience was going out for an evening paddle, just as dusk was approaching. The surface of the water started to crystalize as we were out and the best I can describe it is that it was like paddling through a slurpee. Absolutely incredible!

Antarctica remains one of the most fantastic experiences of my life and cannot recommend visiting highly enough.

Read my other posts about Antarctica and see many more of my photos from my trip.

For anyone interested in visiting Antarctica, I went with Quark Expeditions. The trip far exceeded my expectations in almost every way and would recommend going with them in a heartbeat.

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