Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Terror experts warn next 9/11 could fall on different date.
  2. Think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were a politicized financial disaster? Just wait until pension funds implode.
  3. Obama plans to order the closing of Guantanamo on his first day in office. I thought he might and think it is a good way to signal a change of how his administration will run. It is sure to please many of his supporters.
  4. The Eee PC 1000E: "Asus comes out with a new Eee netbook that not only looks gorgeous, but has at least two improvements that I am loving. It has an improved keyboard that makes it easy to type on it for extended periods. It also has a 6-cell battery (E is for extended) that Asus claims that will provide you with as much as 8.7 hours battery life." Sounds great to me! As much as I love my Eee 901, the keyboard can get problematic at times. I can handle the size of the keys, but the placement of the right shift key can get infuriating at times. It does do a good job of reading PDF files, however. I can't wait for the tablet versions to come out.
  5. Would you rather have a love potion that made you more likely to become attached to someone else, or a love vaccine that stopped you from falling in love with the wrong person?
  6. iBurrito? Chipotle's mobile ordering app for magic iPhone burritos.
  7. Stocks squeeze seminaries: Financial crisis may claim more evangelical schools in 2009.
  8. National Geographic's 2009 rankings of the best adventure travel companies.
  9. Rich people vs. politicians. "A GS-9, or a lowly municipal clerk, has far more life-and-death power over us [than Warren Buffet or Bill Gates]."
  10. So what exactly is a genetic algorithm?
  11. Fatburgr.com: The nutritional information for fast food restaurants, laid out in a simple format for your computer an dyour smartphone. I can't believe they left out Taco Bell...
  12. Steve Fazzari and Russ Roberts have a podcast about Keynesian economics.

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