Monday, October 13, 2008

Lenovo S10 -- The Best Netbook Yet?

Wired thinks so:
It's pint-sized, light (2.7 pounds), and bereft of big power, featuring the now-standard 1.6-GHz Atom CPU and 1 GB of RAM. But dig deeper and you'll find a series of impressive upgrades over the competition: The most visible is a 10.2-inch LCD vs. the 8.9-inch screen that's become the norm on mini-notes. Another modest upgrade puts a 160-GB hard drive at your disposal, the largest among all netbooks we've seen. And you get Windows XP, not yet another Linux of the Month flavor that you'll have to learn from scratch (and thankfully not Vista, which runs like molasses on these machines). Performance isn't great, but compared to the category, it's at the top.
All this and it's only $469. It's specs put it in good competition with my Sony and it has a hard drive 33% larger than my ThinkPad's (which is larger than the Sony). And it's only a fraction of what I paid for either. Not bad at all...

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thinking said...

The netbooks are transforming the industry...

If Apple can come up with one that runs a good OS, and it would...look at how well OS X runs on the iPhone, then you would see a further revolution in the market.

For now, though, I think we'll see a great new Apple Macbook at a significantly lower price point.