Monday, September 15, 2008

Western Digital Adds 500 GB Passport Drives

Nice going, WD! Just days after rolling out your 500GB laptop drive (and by "rolling out," we mean "shipping), you've already found the courage to add a few half-terabyte units to your My Passport lines. Starting today, consumers can snap up the My Passport Elite or My Passport Essential in a 500GB flavor, both of which still weigh in at under 7-ounces and are available now. Prices? Try $199.99 for the 500GB Essential, $219.99 for the 500GB Elite.
These are (nearly) pocketable and are charged through the USB cable. (No external power adapter.)

I'm always running out of hard drive space on my laptop, so having one of these would be quite nice. It would also be great for transferring large sets of files between computers. (My USB stick fills up fast too.) This would also be a nice accessory for using with a netbook computer.

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