Thursday, September 18, 2008

Synergistic Computing

I mentioned my new multi-computer/multi-monitor set-up using Synergy software a few days ago. Here are a couple more examples of people using Synergy in a similar way.

Triple Monitor Plus TV Synergy
The TV is connected to my Xbox 360 and my MacBook pro to play movies. When the Mac is not using the TV it uses the 19" TFT. The other 19" TFT is connected to my server running Windows XP. Both systems/screens share the same mouse and keyboard using Synergy Virtual KVM.
This is one more application netbooks would be quite useful for (particularly ones like this) -- adding an additional screen for running web applications on to your existing computer set-up. (Although I wouldn't buy a netbook solely for this purpose. As a reader points out, you'd be better off just buying a USB monitor or a USB graphics card instead.)

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