Wednesday, September 10, 2008

iPod Nano Review

Looks like the rumors were right. Apple released new iPods yesterday, with the biggest change being to the iPod Nano. Gizmodo has the review, including lots of photos.

Besides the new shape, one of the biggest changes is the addition of an accelerometer which allows the device to tell if you have it in portrait or landscape orientation. A cool feature is that you can shake the Nano and it will automatically play a new song. I can see that being simultaneously fun and annoying.

Here is a video showing some of the new features:

Apple also consolidated the hard drive iPod line to only one model with 120 GB, selling for $249. The 160 GB model has been discontinued -- probably as an incremental approach towards eventually making all iPods using exclusively flash based memory.

In an attempt to steal some of Apple's thunder, Microsoft chose yesterday to also announce new models for the Zune. The specs and prices look surprisingly familiar:
  • 4 GB: $129.99
  • 8 GB: $149.99
  • 16 GB: $199.99
  • 80 GB: $229.99
  • 120 GB: $249.99
The one thing the Zune will do that the iPod Nano won't is allow you to purchase music over Wi-Fi. It also has a built-in FM radio and will allow you to tag a song you're listening to on the radio for purchase the next time you're in range of a Wi-Fi connection. As neat as that is, Apple still wins hands-down in the design and coolness department.
P.S. -- Here's how the size of the new Nano compares to older Nanos.


thinking said...

The Zune will never be able to compete with an Apple iPod. Period.

Apple has this market sewn up; no one can make up for their brand advantage at this point. Plus, no one can outdo Apple at ease of use.

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