Friday, September 26, 2008

An Incredible Workspace

When m2j2 decided to redesign is workspace, he went full out. He rearranged his setup to make it more work friendly. Other than looking awesome, his new setup looks more professional and user-friendly. He uses a biomorph desk with a Mac Pro on the side, and a Powermac G5 on the left. The monitors include a 30" Apple Cinema Display in the center and two 23" Apple displays on the side. He's got a 5.1 Speaker system with Titanium casing, a Snowball microphone, iSight, and a Panasonic wireless LED light clock under the 30" ACD.

Check out his flickr photo stream for more photos of his renovation and design.
While I need a workspace that is a little more book and paper friendly, I still love looking at set-ups like this to get inspiration for my own space. I recently just got a new desk and new computer monitor and am enjoying making my workspace both more functional and more aesthetically pleasing. Once I get my current legal writing assignment out of the way, I hope to do some window shopping for more ideas for the rest of my room.

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