Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Canon's SX10 IS 20x Wide-Angle Zoom and 14.7 Megapixel G10

Readers of this blog will know that I Canon is my favorite manufacturer of non-SLR digital cameras. (I still prefer Nikon SLRs.) I've used Canon cameras all over the world and they have performed brilliantly. (Although I seem to have broken one or two...) Canon just announced a slew of new cameras, including the SX10 IS with 20x wide-angle zoom and the much awaited G10:
Canon just announced its 10 megapixel SX10 IS with 20x wide-angle zoom lens and 2.5-inch folding LCD along side a 14.7 megapixel G10 with 5x wide-angle zoom lens and 3-inch LCD. Both feature Canon's optical image stabilization and DIGIC 4 image processing with face and motion detection, face detection self-timer, servo AF, and intelligent contrast correction. The SX10 IS is powered by 4x AA batteries and should hit shelves in late October for $400 -- the G10 should pop for $500 at about the same time.
Many photographers consider Canon's G-series cameras to be almost on par with SLRs, but with a much small form factor. See a photo gallery of these two cameras here.

Read more about the G10 and the SX10 IS. I bought a predecessor of the SX10 IS for my trip to Antarctica back in 2005 and absolutely loved it. You can see some photos I took with it as well as this video of me with the penguins. The new camera is bound to do even better on just about every dimension.

Canon has also released new line-ups of their pocket cameras as well as a new SLR that also records HD video.

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