Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Jesus Trail

This sounds too cool:

Here is a bit of low impact tourism that can provide you with some exercise, a history lesson--and a walk similar to one that Jesus might have made.

Instead of hopping on a bus to be taken to certain holy sites to see places where Jesus did his ministry, there is a walking option. 

This go-at-you-own-pace trip is along a 40-mile path that brings you to sites like: Nazareth where Jesus grew up as a boy; the Arab village of Kana--where Jesus turned water into wine; the sea of Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes where it is thought Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount; and to the location where it's said that Jesus turned two fish and five loaves of bread into enough food for the multitudes.

According to Laurie Copans who took the trip, it has appeal, partly because of the interactive quality. Listening to birds, feeling the breeze, and experiencing the topography adds meditative and reflective elements to the travle experience.

As one of the people interviewed for the article said, "The more intimate you become with the land, the more intimate the land becomes to you--the smells, the feel, the hills."

For more details and contact information about how to follow the Jesus Trail, read Copan's article. The photo is of Galilee from Mount Beatitudes by hoysameg on Flickr.

I've had to cut back on my travels since coming back to school, but hope to get back into the globe trotting as soon as I start working full-time again. (Trying to keep out of debt as long as possible.) When I do start traveling, some places high on my list include China, Israel, Russia, England, and Switzerland. (I've been to every country around Switzerland, but haven't made it there yet.)

Of course, this trip would be very hard to beat.

Might have to consider one of the above as a graduation gift to myself...

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