Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Substituting Capital For Labor?

I just left Washington Law Books, picking up a few more books to help with my exam preparation. (My Civil Procedure exam is on Thursday and Criminal Law is on Monday.) I am about two chapters away from finishing The Glannon Guide To Civil Procedure and have been getting so much out of it, I decided to buy the version for Criminal Law as well. (That means I have to get through ~450 pages of review and multiple choice questions in 2-3 days. I actually think I can do it.) This series is great in that, by asking multiple choice questions throughout the material, it really forces you to wrestle with the content as you learn.

While I was at the bookstore, I also found a couple of unintended, last-minute reference books that should help out on my open-book, open-note Civil Procedure exam. One of them is the E-Z Rules for the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which sums up each of the rules in an easy to read, in-depth outline format. That other is Acing Civil Procedure which has short checklists and summaries of each of the topics we covered in class this semester. I expect both books to help me polish off my notes and (particularly the E-Z Rules) be an invaluable reference on the exam. I could have probably gotten a lot of the same benefits by starting earlier on finalizing my outline for the class, but with time running short, I thought substituting capital for labor and buying the books was the wiser path to follow.

P.S. - It is such a gorgeous day today, I decided to go for a nice walk after leaving to bookstore. I am typing this on my Neo sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I'll post this with my Treo in a few minutes and add hyperlinks and photos when I get home tonight. In the meantime, I plan on hanging out here for awhile to finish studying Glannon.

P.P.S. -- I just finished Glannon!

P.P.P.S. -- Photos from today have been posted.

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effay said...

It seems like whenever I visit a blog written by a law student, a good portion of the content is dedicated to posts like: "Just finished Civ Pro Final!," followed closely by "Just finished Con Law Final," etc... and then there are always those random cat photos...hmmm...haven't figured that one out yet. Anyhow, I guess us entering 1Ls would prefer at least a little tidbit to light. Which begs the question: why am I torturing myself be reading law student blogs then?