Sunday, April 13, 2008

Which Law Schools Are Producing Law Professors?

What law schools have the best success placing law professors?

The JD Placement Tournament is now underway, with the following initial results:

1. Harvard University-23
2. Yale University-22
3. Stanford University-7
4. Columbia University-6, University of Michigan-6 (tie)
6. University of Chicago-5
7. New York University-4
8. Northwestern University-3, University of Virginia-3

The rest of the JD tournament results are as follows:

Two Placements: Emory University-2, Georgetown University-2, Tulane University-2, University of Illinois-2, University of Minnesota-2, University of Georgia-2, Vanderbilt University-2

One Placement: Boston University-1, Case Western Reserve University-1, Howard University-1, Humboldt University-1, National Law School of India-1, Rutgers-1, Tel-Aviv University-1, University of California-Berkeley-1, University of California-Hastings-1, University of California-Los Angeles-1, University of Cincinnati-1, University of Florida-1, University of Giessen-1, University of Hawaii-1, University of Iowa-1, University of Kansas-1, University of Melbourne-1, University of Notre Dame-1, University of Pennsylvania-1, University of Southern California-1, University of Texas-1, University of Torino-1, University of Washington-1, Tel-Aviv University-1, Villanova University-1, Wilamette University-1.

See who is going where after the link. Somehow, they seem to have missed this guy.

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thinking said...

Harvard Law is about to place the next President of the US as well.