Thursday, April 03, 2008

Great Success For My Predecessor (And Other Good News)

Some good news about a former Levy Fellow:
Jon Klick, formerly of Florida State, has accepted an offer from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
Congratulations to Jonathan! (You can see his FSU webpage here. For those who don't know, the University of Pennsylvania is a top 10 law school.) He is the trailblazer whose success I hope to follow after graduating with both a PhD and JD from GMU.

Jonathan was a Levy Fellow like me at GMU's law school, graduating in 2003. Coincidentally, I will be working with another former Levy Fellow at the Federal Trade Commission this summer.

In the same post that mentioned Jonathan's success, GMU law prof David Bernstein discusses some good hiring news at GMU's law school, including the addition of four new faculty members in the field of intellectual property (which is the area I plan on specializing in):
George Mason has long had an excellent IP program, staffed primarily by an amazing group of part-time and adjunct faculty, but we've struggled to develop a core group of full-time IP faculty. (Most recently, President Bush appointed my former colleague Kimberly Moore to the Federal Circuit.) Suddenly, next year we are going to have what has to be the most talented and interesting group of young IP scholars in the country.

Joining our current faculty members with an interest in IP, Bruce Kobayashi and Samson Vermont, will be Laura Bradford (currently a visiting assistant professor at GMU), T.J. Chiang, Adam Mossoff (a lateral from Michigan state), and Chris Newman, formerly of Irell and currently a research fellow at UCLA.
Read more about GMU's intellectual property program, including the curriculum for the intellectual property track.

In some other good news, I officially found out on Tuesday of this week that I will get 9-credits transferred into the JD program from my PhD program. While I am not the first person to earn both a JD and PhD in economics from George Mason, I apparently am the first to be simultaneously enrolled in GMU's joint-degree JD/PhD program. While I haven't really had much doubt the credits would transfer, it is nice to finally get the official news.

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thinking said...

Pretty cool stuff. Maybe you too can become a law professor!

Law professors are becoming more popular. In January of 2009 we'll be getting a law professor sworn in as President of the US.