Monday, March 31, 2008

Becoming A Trustbuster?

I just accepted a summer job last week with the Federal Trade Commission working in their Office of Policy Planning:

The Office of Policy Planning assists the Commission to develop and implement long-range competition and consumer protection policy initiatives and advises staff on cases raising new or complex policy and legal issues.

One of the Office of Policy Planning's primary roles involves competition advocacy, submitting filings supporting competition principles to state legislatures, regulatory boards, and officials; state and federal courts; other federal agencies; and professional organizations. The Office also organizes public workshops and issues reports on cutting-edge competition and consumer protection topics, addressing questions of substantive antitrust law, industry-specific practices, and significant national and international policy debates.

This will be a legal position, but also ties in heavily to my economics background. The FTC was highly interested in my training both in public choice and law and economics. This will be my first opportunity to interact with economists outside of academia in a meaningful way.

I also hope to take Antitrust Law at GMU this summer to get ahead on my law school coursework and help give better perspective to my work at the FTC. I believe this job will be a tremendous experience for me, both as a law student and as a budding economist, and am incredibly thankful for the opportunity.

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