Monday, March 10, 2008

Customers Or Cattle?

I just flew into the Orlando airport. The trip down went flawlessly - short lines, quick security, etc. However, once getting off the plane and going to the monorail to the new terminal, I noticed there was a lot of new stuff and turned around to see if there was anything else I missed. That's when I got introduced to something else that was new...

I was promptly instructed that once I entered thr monorail area, I could not cross an unmarked, imaginary line I had no idea I had just crossed. (I didn't point out that I could have ridden the monorail over and back if I wanted to get back in.) There were at least THREE airport personnel yelling at passengers telling them where to go, where they couldn't go, and what not to do. All to ride a simple monorail. Somehow, people figured all this out on their own when I was living here.

When did passengers stop being customers and start being cattle?

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