Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is America Becoming Like China?

It’s a girl … oh, well. Abort!

This Slate article about this LA Times article explains the rise in use of gender tests for pregnant women. It describes how one couple, when they found out they weren’t having a boy, seriously considered abortion. It goes on.

Another woman “wanted a girl so badly that she and her husband spent $25,000 on in-vitro fertilization so that doctors could select female embryos to implant in her womb.” The woman took a test at 10 weeks to make sure she wasn’t carrying a male fetus. A third woman who got a bogus result from her test says “there are women out there who experience really big disappointment. They really want to give their husbands the little boy they want, or a little girl, and they will abort based on these results.”

Welcome to the Burger King ethos. Your way, right away!

Well, at least sometimes they want girls instead of boys...

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