Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Alltop Aggregator

Roger von Oech:
Serial entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki has a brand new venture. It's called Alltop, a blog aggregator currently following selected blogs (and sites) around fifteen categories such as Science, Oddities, Egos*, and Small Business.

I like the clean layout of this site; it's very easy to grasp what's going on.

A nifty feature is that when you put your cursor over a particular blog post, the first three or four sentences of that post pop up, and you're able to get the gist of what that author is thinking about without going to his/her site. Quite a time-saver. This allows you to cover a lot of ground. For example, if you go to the Mac category, you can imagine that you're Robert Scoble "reading a river of information" and get over 200 Mac-related articles in just minutes.

I've found Alltop to be a good place to go when my mind is stale and I'm tired of going to the places I typically go to.

Check it out!

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