Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mom and Me


Today is my mom's and my birthday. I'm over visiting her and dad to celebrate together. Over the years, I don't think we've missed more than four or five times being together. (Once when my grandfather passed away in college.) We're just getting ready to head over to celebrate with my brother and his family.

Ayumi called me at 12:03 AM from Tokyo (unfortunately I missed the call) and I woke up to a bunch of e-mails, text messages, and notes on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday. My friend Angela even has a blog post wishing me a happy birthday. Many thanks to everyone for making this a special day!

P.S. - I had a conversation with a friend not long ago. He thinks technology makes people disconnected. I think today is a good example of how it can help draw people closer together.


Triya said...

happy Birthday Brian and Mrs.Hollar!! :)

karuna said...

Happy Birthday, Brian! We are all thinking of you as we do LRWA! (ugh!)