Friday, June 08, 2012

Hans Rosling on Religion and Babies

Hans Rosling with fascinating look at the effect of religion on birthrates and what the future population of the world looks like.  Highly recommended!
Hans Rosling had a question: Do some religions have a higher birth rate than others -- and how does this affect global population growth? Speaking at the TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar, he graphs data over time and across religions. With his trademark humor and sharp insight, Hans reaches a surprising conclusion on world fertility rates.
I'm particularly pleased to see Rosling making use of data from the Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) -- a tremendous online goldmine of religious data.

See my previous posts on ARDA and Hans Rosling.

P.S. -- While I fully believe all of Rosling's numbers across nations, it is also likely true that individuals within nations with high levels of religiosity (devotion/commitment/practice of their faith) have more kids than average.  This certainly holds true for Christians in the United States.

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