Friday, July 08, 2011

Would You Give Up The Internet For Life For $1 Million?

If not, and the Internet's worth that much to you, you might be richer than you think. As the video says, in some ways we may all already be millionaires.

(HT Russ Roberts)

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thinking said...

Fabulous points...we take so much for granted.

However, I would correct the gentleman commentator on 2 technical points:
He mentions that all of this is brought to us by the "private sector" and indeed, so much of it is...but ironically, the internet began as an R&D project of the government ARPA Dept, and started out as ARPANET. So the internet is a development of both the private and public sector.

He also mentions the value of self interest...but I prefer to think that capitalism works because of its moral capital and the fact that people can rise above pure selfishness...a lot of people have done great things in the free market motivated by more than just self interest. I think pure childish selfishness is a drag on free markets.

But other than that, it's a great video!