Monday, January 17, 2011

No Baggage Challenge Raised $525 for Give Kids the World

My No Baggage Challenge is officially complete and raised a total of $525 in donations for Give Kids the World, surpassing the original goal of $500.  Many thanks again to friends and family for your generosity.  Your support made this trip not only fun, but also meaningful, and your donations go toward helping the dreams of dying children come true.

If you pledged to sponsor me, you can donate directly online on Give Kids the World's website.  Contributions are tax-deductible.  

Here is additional information if you'd like to read more about Give Kids the World or about how my trip raised money for them.  (People sponsored me for $1/day for each day I traveled without luggage, for 15 days.  My travels with no luggage ended up going so well, I extended the trip by two extra "bonus" days in New York City.)

Here are some photos of my visit to Give Kids the World a couple weeks ago.  I volunteered there on a weekly basis for about 7 years when I lived in Orlando.  I used to dress up like a wizard, do magic tricks for the kids, and help Mayor Clayton (a giant rabbit and mayor of GKTW village) tuck the kids into bed at night.  I count these experiences to be among the best things I've ever done.

Below is a photo of me volunteering at GKTW, fresh out of undergrad.  You can see Mayor Clayton in the background. This is at a party a few minutes before Clayton and I went around the village doing tuck-ins for the kids. Somehow the little girl next to me managed to steal my magic hat.

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