Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Journey Home on Bolt Bus

I finally got home late last night after 17 wonderful, fun-filled, friend-filled, bag-less days of travel.  I took the Bolt Bus home from New York to DC yesterday and had a wonderful experience, as usual.  With free (but slow) Wi-Fi and only $15-$20 one way, what's not to like?  It would cost me more in gas and tolls if I were to drive myself -- not to mention the headache of finding/paying for parking.  Being able to read and play with my iPad along the way only sweetens the deal.  I had two seats all to myself last night and got home around midnight.

This whole No Baggage experience has been absolutely wonderful and went far better than I had hoped.  I will be sharing more thoughts on the experience and some reviews of the gear I used soon.

The final tally for money raised for Give Kids the World from this trip was $525.  Many thanks to all my friends and family who supported me in this endeavor.  Your generosity is sincerely appreciated.

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