Thursday, January 13, 2011

25 Degrees Outside and Staying Warm

Twenty-five degrees outside and my No Baggage wardrobe is holding up well. Just got back from hours spent walking in the cold today, including a 45-minute walk home. (With a quick stop by the 24-hour Apple Store, of course.) I spent a similar amount of time outside yesterday too.

The key to my wardrobe success has been good use of layering (listed from base layer to outer layer):

Other than my spare pair of pants, socks, and boxers (and third t-shirt that I have yet to use), I am wearing all of the clothes I brought. I wore the same outfit yesterday, but am rotating the location of the t-shirts and quarter-zips to cut-down on odor retention and vary my appearance. (Speaking of odor retention, my Merino wool pieces have proved impossible to stink-up.) I am also rotating the pants I wear on a daily basis.

Today, would have been absolutely miserable if my Ecco shoes were not lined with Gore-Tex. Had to slosh through many puddles of slush and melted snow all over the streets of Manhattan.

I have several pieces that have been to Antarctica with me and back. They continue to perform admirably. These include:

  • Mountain Hardwear Windstopper Fleece Cap
  • Mountain Hardwear Gloves
  • Icebreaker Wool Neck Gaiter
  • Icebreaker Wool Quarter-Zip

I continue to be impressed with the versatility of my wardrobe and how well (and warm!) I’ve been able to travel with so little.

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