Wednesday, December 01, 2010

No Baggage Challenge: Winners Chosen

About a month ago, I entered into the SCOTTEVEST No Baggage Challenge Contest, hoping to get chosen to travel around the world with no luggage. (See my entry, including videos, here.) I received tremendous support from friends and family, with many votes for me on Facebook and via e-mail. I even went so far as to do a trial run no baggage trip over Thanksgiving -- traveling for five days with nothing but what would fit in my jacket.

Scott Jordan, Founder and CEO of SCOTTEVEST, announced the winner today. Two others and I came in as a runners-up and Scott's generously decided to give each of us a significant credit for some SCOTTEVEST gear. This was totally unexpected and a wonderful surprise. (And comes in on the heels of me winning a free SCOTTEVEST Carry-On Coat from Gear Diary yesterday -- a total of ~ $500 SCOTTEVEST gear in two days!) In addition, I also received a personal video message from Scott shortly before he announced the winners to the general public. This was an incredibly classy personal touch that left me deeply impressed.

I was already a huge SCOTTEVEST fan. Scott has succeeded in making me an even bigger one.

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Triya said...

am sorry you did not win Brian. But looks like they were very impressed with you (as they should be). Congrats on being a runner-up. :D

Anonymous said...

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