Friday, June 11, 2010

'Right Now Is The Worst Time in History to be Graduating From Law School'

the_graduate Uh-oh. Looks like my timing's a bit off:

Wall Street Journal Law Blog, Were the ‘Good Old Days’ of BigLaw Better?, by Ashby Jones:

If anyone out there had any question that now — right now — is just the worst time in history to be graduating from law school, take a look at this article written by Mayer Brown lawyer Robert Helman in Chicago Magazine.

Now, you already knew that graduating from law school now was bad for this reason: it’s harder than ever to get jobs. But it’s also bad for this reason: even if you get a job, your life is bad, at least as compared to what it would have been had you started practice 45 years ago.

Helman’s been practicing law for a long, long time — he served as Mayer Brown’s chairman for 15 years — and his reflections on how things used to be are interesting.


Kevin said...

Oh ... thank goodness you're getting your economics PhD ... :-)

Kevin said...

Or could fall back on your MBA or ME degrees ... ;-P

Clint D said...

Is there a job that involves world travel, nonstop, with only a backpack? Why on earth aren't you in school for that? It's not too late!